How To Make $1000 Monthly From Google Through Blogging

How To Make $1000 Monthly From Google Through Blogging
How To Make $1000 Monthly From Google Through Blogging

How To Make $1000 Monthly From Google Through Blogging

This is one of the easiest method to make money from blogging.

You will get Google AdSense approval fast if you publish only original article on your blog.  After approval, you can make money from Google AdSense  by inserting  the ad codes on your blog to generate earning.  The amount of money you’ll  make from AdSense depends on the amount of web traffic you get.

 Blogging is a business of publishing helpful articles on a web blog.  A typical example is this article you are reading right now.  It was written and published by a blogger.

You can make money from blogging by inserting affiliate links on strategic positions on your articles. You’ll make sales commission once your readers make purchase from your links. It’s really a fun way of make money online.

3. Sell products to your readers:

You can make money from blogging by selling products like e-books,  software,  or apps. Other things you can sell are courses,  reports,  and other printables.

4. Make Money from blogging by Selling services:

You can make money from blogging by selling premium services to your readers. I personally make few bucks helping my readers to host blogs for them.  I also write and sell articles,  do blog customization, SEO and more. See the the list of my services in the hire me page.

5. Sell subscription services

You can make money from blogging by turning your blog into a paid membership website. Members can then pay membership subscription on monthly or yearly basis to have access to exclusive (members only) contents.

6. Sell advert space:

This is another fantastic ways to make money from blogging.  Your blog and like a market that attracts advertisers. Once you have huge amount targeted traffic on your blog,  advertisers will come seeking spaces to advertise their products or services.  You can make big money from selling advert spaces alone.

7. Sponsored post:

You can make money money from blogging by accepting sponsored posts on your blog.  I was really amazed when a betting company contacted and asked me if I accept sponsored post on my blogs – Information Guide in Nigeria. I was shocked when they agreed to pay me $200 per post at one post every week for one year. Automatically, I got another source of income. So this could be that big chance for you to make money from blogging

8. Sell physical products:

Just like digital products,  you can also make money from blogging by selling  physical products and allow your readers to buy the products if you have logistics in place to do home delivery. You can also sell teaching materials or merchandise.  All of this will put money in your pocket just because of blogging.

9. Coaching Services:

You can make money from blogging by starting coaching services for your readers.  I personally have about 4-5 students every month enrolling into my coaching program.  Each participant pays N120,000 (about $380). That’s a good money if you have many students in the program.

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